The one killer app that could break out your brand

How much would you be willing to spend for a marketing channel that reached on average 92% of the people in your market, including 92% of Millennials (18-34), 94% of Gen X’ers and late Boomers, and 89% of Boomers and older*? What if I told you that this was a free, ubiquitous wireless channel that needed no specialized software or major technology, and that it was the primary marketing channel immediately available to the consumer before most buying decisions are made. Doesn’t that make you excited as a brand advancer?

Woman listening to car radioIt’s Radio. Yes, the much-maligned, disrespected, left-for-dead medium continues to manage to be a big part of everyday American’s lives with daily reach 13% higher than the web and Internet. Just because it may not be a big part of brand managers’ lives doesn’t mean it can’t be an effective, even game-changing marketing channel for what you are responsible for promoting.

As with any marketing channel, whether its TV, print, or social, you have to use radio correctly to maximize your effectiveness and ROI. The problem with radio as I see it is that most radio operators sell it incorrectly, and most advertisers use it poorly.

But as a promoter of a product or service, if you can get multiple impressions for pennies on the dollar, while embedding your message in a context of enjoyable entertainment and even visceral personal connection, its worth investigating how to create a great radio ad and then place it on the right stations with the right frequency. Indeed, it could change the face of your brand.

As someone who has literally written hundreds of radio ads and scheduled hundreds of buys over 30 years, I’m going to try to help you figure out how to use the game-changing medium of radio correctly in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait, contact me now.

*Data and image source: Radio Advertising Bureau,

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