How many ways can you leverage your content?

Content Is KingAs long as I can remember in my professional career, the phrase “content is king” has resonated powerfully in my ears.

Whether you are producing a blog or a morning show, what you say and how you say it, i.e.: content, trumps everything. But the cool thing about the digital and social era in which we live is the multitude of channels through which you can distribute your amazing content. Have you ever considered how many different ways you can utilize one creative work to maximize its exposure?

For example, let’s say that you run a food pantry out of your non-profit and you wish to encourage your donors and the general public that you are executing your mission. Take a photo of a couple volunteers getting ready for the next distribution day with your smart phone (get photo releases of course!). Make the picture really cool by applying an Instagram filter and border to it. Share it on Instagram, using your agency’s account. Great, there’s channel #1.

But we aren’t done yet. Even though there are share tools on Instagram, better yet, for Facebook use the native Pages app on your smart phone and post that new artsy image from your Camera Roll. You can put more text and avoid weird symbols on your FB page. Channel  #2. While you are at it, tweet out the picture with the phone’s Twitter app to make channel #3. Finally, write a quick blog post on your website thanking your volunteers for their service, and embed the pic…channel #4. Wait, why not grab the URL to the blog post and share as an update on your agency’s LinkedIn page? And there’s channel #5.

Certainly, that’s a very basic example of leveraging content. There are so many more platforms and apps you can use to get your stuff out there. The thing to remember is that you are already creating press releases, slideshows, sermons, morning show bits, donor letters and much more as part of your regular work flow. Thinking through all the different ways you can be social with the content you have already invested in will maximize your audience and raise your organization’s platform.

Share some of your content leveraging stories and favorite social media channels in the comments…thanks!

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2 Responses to How many ways can you leverage your content?

  1. Donny Wisniewski says:

    Great information here. As someone that has a pretty good handle on the ever changing world of media, I wonder how helpful it would be to your current followers and future followers if you had some place on your media page to inquire about things. Sort of like a “Ask Natalie Media” section. Just a thought.

    • Joel Sr. says:

      Donny, great idea! I think the way that would be helpful for the most people would be through social media. Great, inclusive conversations can be made through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Watch for our “Social” page on the blog to go up in the coming days.

      And if anyone has an immediate question or request for a quote, please connect through our Contact Form.

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