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How many ways can you leverage your content?

As long as I can remember in my professional career, the phrase “content is king” has resonated powerfully in my ears. Whether you are producing a blog or a morning show, what you say and how you say it, i.e.: … Continue reading

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Why is one ad so much more memorable than another?

During the big holiday selling season of 2013, one television commercial stood out among the sea of thousands of ads as a heart-warming yet powerfully effective demonstration spot for this product. It started out as we follow this apparently angst-ridden … Continue reading

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The one killer app that could break out your brand

How much would you be willing to spend for a marketing channel that reached on average 92% of the people in your market, including 92% of Millennials (18-34), 94% of Gen X’ers and late Boomers, and 89% of Boomers and … Continue reading

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Three social media mistakes that make your brand look bad

Everyday I encounter the output of those entrusted with their company or organization’s brand making mistakes on social media that make them look bad. I’m not saying “less effective,” or “marginal,” but wrong, bad, ignorant, even disappointing! Here’s my rant, … Continue reading

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