It’s a good time to say “Thank You!”

"Image courtesy of oana roxana birtea/"

Image courtesy of oana roxana birtea/

If you are a leader in a non-profit, or running a small business, the next six weeks will be among the busiest of the year for you; the run up to Christmas and year-end.

So maybe this isn’ t a great time to add to your “to-do” list, but let me remind you of an investment that will pay dividends next year, make you feel good, and is just the right thing to do.

Say “thank you.”

For the past 10 ½ months every one of your constituencies have played an important role in your success. Your clients, donors, customers, employees, and yes, family have traveled this year’s journey with you; believing in you and your product…choosing you among all the other options at their disposal. A simple thank you is in order, especially in this season of gratitude, and while you are taking stock of the past year.

What are some creative ways to show your appreciation?

  • Small gift
  • Create an ornament
  • Christmas card
  • Tasteful party
  • “Thank you” video online
  • Holiday design E-mail blast
  • Deliver a plate of cookies
  • Christmas floral arrangement
  • Give a donation to a charity in their honor

What’s your favorite way to say thanks? Has any approach to show gratitude from your business or non-profit ever gone south on you? Share your story in the comments….and thanks!

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